What do we do?

  • Serve as a primary point of contact between external organizations and internal staff and facilities.  We can help assess your needs and identify appropriate expertise either on campus or within another research institution.
  • Facilitate and manage a wide variety of collaborations between Acadia faculty and students and industry/government/community partners.
  • Identify appropriate funding opportunities for research collaborations and other types of partnering initiatives.
  • Develop and negotiate a wide variety of research and commercialization agreements.
  • Provide commercialization and knowledge transfer services to Acadia faculty, staff, and students, including assessing the commercial potential of discoveries, identifying funding opportunities, IP protection activities, and marketing of technologies ready to be commercialized

ICE works with:

  • Acadia faculty & students
  • Industry & industry associations
  • Local and regional communities (individuals and groups)
  • All levels of government, economic development agencies, and NGOs
  • Regional, national, and international educational and research/commercialization organizations
The ICE Team
The ICE Team