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Many companies would like to work with a university partner, but may not know exactly what they need or who to contact.  ICE will be your guide into Acadia.

How Can We Help You?

Point of Entry into Acadia
ICE can act as your initial point of entry into the university community.  If you are interested in a research collaboration or have another project in mind, ICE can meet with you to discuss your needs.  

Facilitate Research Collaborations with Faculty, Staff and Students
ICE can help match companies with Acadia faculty and students for research or consulting projects.  ICE representatives regularly visit companies to discuss their research needs and or technical challenges, and can help identify appropriate expertise at Acadia (or another research institution) who may be able to help.

Identify Research Centers
If you are interested in accessing one of our research labs or facilities on campus please feel free to contact us.  Click here for a listing of Acadia research facilities.

Identify Research Funding Sources
There are various funding sources available for a wide variety of industry/university collaborations.  ICE can help identify these funding sources to determine if they are a good fit for your particular project.

Identify and Facilitate Licensing Technologies Developed at Acadia
If you are interested in licensing an Acadia technology,contact ICE for assistance with negotiating commercialization arrangements. 

Commercialization Expertise
ICE has significant experience managing and protecting intellectual property (i.e. patents, etc.) and commercializing products.  If you would like assistance with your project please contact us.

Types of Collaborations

Companies work with Acadia in a variety of different ways:

Research Contracts

Research collaborations occur when companies approach Acadia to find a solution to a problem or to develop new products, processes or services.  These can be short or long-term arrangements and may be funded exclusively by the company and/or through other sources (i.e. government funding – AIF, NSERC, IRAP).  Companies have the opportunity to license any resulting IP.

Service or Consulting Contracts

This type of relationship often involves a faculty member or student carrying out a small consulting project, product testing or lab analysis using Acadia’s specialised infrastructure and experienced technical staff.  The project turnaround time for these projects is fast and is a great way to experience what Acadia has to offer.  

Research Grants

Research grants are donations to a faculty researcher or group of researchers to support research of mutual interest.

Use of Facilities

Acadia’s state-of-the-art research facilities (and equipment) may be available for rent for certain projects – please contact us for further details.

Licensing or Acquiring Acadia Technologies

Acadia has a significant portfolio of products available for companies to access either through an assignment or license.

Student Projects

Student-related projects provide opportunities for industry to engage with undergraduate and graduate students in educational or research projects, co-op placements or summer employment. 

Other Partnerships

ICE has worked with industry partners on a wide variety of initiatives, both within the university and in partnership with other organizations.  Please contact us to chat about your project.

Research Funding

We have included a list of some of the more common funding sources below.  Please contact us to discuss your specific research program or technology.  Based on the type of project, we may be able to identify additional sources of funding.

Research Funding

NRC/IRAP: Industrial Research Assistance Program
NSERC Alliance Grants

NSERC Engage Grant (no longer accepting applications as of June 1, 2019)
NSERC CRD (no longer accepting applications as of June 1, 2019)

Prototype/Technology Funding
InNOVAcorp Early Stage Commercialization Fund
NSERC Idea to Innovation (I2I)
CIHR Project Grants

Student (Research) Funding
ESDC Student Work Placement Program
Mitacs Accelerate Entrepeneur
Mitacs Accelerate
Mitacs Elevate

Acadia researchers have a long history of engaging with industry on a wide variety of research projects.  Indeed, in the past few years, Acadia researchers have worked with hundreds of external partners on a wide variety of research projects ranging from large multi-partner research collaborations examining the environmental impacts of turbines in the Bay of Fundy, to small consulting projects involving laboratory analytical services.

Acadia’s emphasis on fostering industry-related research collaborations helps ensure that the research undertaken at Acadia remains relevant to the rapidly changing needs of local industry, while helping Acadia fulfill its service mission by generating financial, economic, academic and societal benefits for our local and regional community.  Our commitment to helping local wineries is a great example of regional engagement in action.

Industry partners engage with Acadia researchers for a wide variety of reasons:  to gain access to world class skills and state of the art facilities; to find solutions to problems; to develop or improve technologies; to tap into an international research network; to access research funding (or tax incentive) programs; to contract-out services (i.e. analytical services); and/or, access to students and future employees.  

 Industry collaborations result in a number of benefits for Acadia researchers.  Some benefits include:

  • Access to challenging problems
  • Access to industry facilities, technical personnel and data
  • Financial support for research activities – direct and matching (government) funding
  • Experience & exposure for students
  • Employment opportunities for students
  • Additional income through honoraria, consulting and royalty income

Corporate Confidential Information

Acadia recognizes the importance of keeping certain information confidential, and will enter into a confidentiality or non-disclosure agreement as appropriate to ensure that confidential information is protected.  Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.