Innovative, Web-based, Multimedia

by Baker, Barb

Business students across Canada are getting business experience from industry heavy weights such as Canadian Auto Workers’ President Ken Lewenza or Sobey’s CEO Bill McEwan without ever leaving the classroom thanks to a technology developed by an Acadia University professor. Dr. Conor Vibert has developed a web-based, interactive database that contains video interviews of top executives from around the world. It brings textbooks and lectures to life by highlighting real world experiences.

According to Dr. Vibert, today’s classroom is much different than the past. “This new generation of students is a visual one; they enjoy learning when and where they want to. This product provides just that.” Through Dr. Vibert’s technology, users can search the database by key terms to explore their specific areas of interest. Interview topics range from entrepreneurship and  advertising to human resource management. A wide range of industries are covered and include such sectors as oil and gas, finance, mining, fruit growing and advertising.

Acadia University, through it’s Office of Industry & Community Engagement (ICE) signed a multi-year exclusive agreement with leading educational publisher, Pearson Education Canada, to distribute a portion of the database (the Acadia Pearson Business Insiders Series) to universities,  community colleges, and CEGEP students throughout Canada. Already used in classes at Acadia University, the Series is now a feature of Pearson textbooks and academic offerings.

Dr. Vibert is now in the process of finalizing a related product, the Multimedia Case Management Series (MCMS).  This innovative, web-based, multimedia case management system is designed to replace traditional, paper-based business cases that are used in higher education and the corporate training market.   The software consists of a customizable web-based hosting platform that includes multimedia content and integrated teaching assessment and content management tools.   It is expected to be released later this Fall.

Text and Photo courtesy of Fred Sgambati

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